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The mission of Nursing Services is the continuous quality improvement of the provision of nursing care.

Hence, the co-operation and participation of nurses, in their multidisciplinary and challenging role which makes up the Health Care Team, is vital. This can be achieved by capable planning and co-ordination of all specialties in the field of public health, the work of whom is, to a large extent, interdependent.

Towards the goal of continuous quality improvement of provided nursing care, the following activities are promoted:
    • Determination and application of nursing policy
    • Human resource management
    • Auditing the quality of care
    • Improvement of the working environment
    • Observation of international developments in the field of nursing research and health.
    • Recording and maintenance of necessary information in relationship to the staffing of Hospitals and Rural Health Care Centers.
    • Efficient human resource management of nursing personnel.
    • Planning and co-ordination of continuous professional development and specialized programs.
    • Development and re-evaluation of the examination system in relationship to acquiring and maintaining license to practice of the nursing profession.
    • Co-operation with School of Nursing so that there is a sufficient amount of graduates to cover the needs of the public and private sector.


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