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Republic of Cyprus
Health Monitoring Unit
Telephone number: +357 22 605457
Telefax number: +357 22 605527

The Health Monitoring Unit has been established in May 2004 by the decision of the Ministerial Council. Its mission is to provide the society with the necessary and useful information as well as high quality knowledge in public health issues. For this purpose, a modern Health Monitoring System is been developed, with the capacity to support effectively the health policy development, strategic planning, management of healthcare, scientific research and public awareness in Cyprus and the European Union.

With the implementation of this System, the Ministry of Health is strongly supported in his role as a strategic planner, as a policy producer and as a regulator of the national health system. It also helps to strengthen cooperation with foreign bodies such as the Health and Consumer Protection Directorate General (DG SANCO), Statistical Office of the European Union (EUROSTAT), World Health Organization (WHO) and Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD)

The aim of the Health Monitoring System is to create appropriate mechanisms for collecting, storing, analysis, dissemination and use of health information. The knowledge and information generated should be valid, timely, consistent and comparable with information generated in other European countries. For this purpose, this information is based on shared Community Health Indicators jointly agreed on the definition, method of data collection and usage. The system also provides information and analysis and contributes to the exchange of best practices in public health.

The main activities of Health Monitoring Unit is the recording of medical data for births with the assistance of personnel of all public maternity hospitals adopted in 2006, the systematic information collection and coding of the causes of death, and the compliance with the Cancer Registry.

Among the important activities of HMU is the introduction of clinical coding on diagnoses and procedures in the public hospitals. Clinical coding is essential for the proper pricing and costing of the hospital activities based on DRG system (Diagnosis Related Group).

Moreover, HMU collects data on injuries and accidents and records data on diabetes.

Also, the Health Monitoring Unit in collaboration with the Department of Information Technology Services and Breast Cancer Screening Program, completed the creation of new software for recording the demographic and operational data of the program.





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