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    1.1 Purchasing of services from doctors from the private sector


    The Directorate created a management team dealing with the purchase of services from doctors from the private sector, when there is a chance of providing such services in the state hospitals, or when there are long waiting lists.


    In addition, an Innovative action of this Directorate is the purchase of services that are provided within the hospitals from foreign specialised doctors. This enables the minimization of costs and avoids patient discomfort during transport abroad, and at the same time it is a great opportunity for specialization and training for the Cypriots Doctors that are participating in these operations.


    1.2 Other Services


    The Directorate is purchasing services necessary for the proper functioning of the State hospitals as well as toxic waste management services, from the private sector


    2. Purchase of Medical Equipment


    Among the priorities of the Directorate is to provide the state Hospitals with the necessary contemporary medical equipment.

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