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N.C.P. on the application of Patients' Rights on Cross Border Healthcare

Cyprus Health System

    The health care system in Cyprus consists of two parallel delivery sectors: the public and the private one.

    The public sector is being administered by the Ministry of Health, which is responsible for ensuring access to health services for all beneficiaries and is exclusively financed by the state budget. Under this scope, the Ministry is responsible for the planning, organization, administration and regulation of the healthcare sector, as well as the provision of services in health centers and hospitals which are under its direct control, in the form of primary care, specialists’ services, diagnostic tests, paramedical services, emergency services, hospital care, pharmaceutical care, dental care, rehabilitation and home care. Health services in the public sector are provided by five district hospitals and one pediatric/ gynecological hospital, three small rural hospitals and 38 health centers, along with 230 sub-centers with a touring medical team. Additionally, the Ministry implements a sponsored patients’ abroad scheme under specific conditions and terms.

    The private sector is mostly financed by out-of-pocket payments while Health services are provided by private hospitals, polyclinics, clinics, diagnostic centres, pharmacies and independent practitioners, which are under the inspection, regulation and licensing of the Ministry of Health.

    Additionally, the following schemes of medical coverage are in place:

    · Workers’ Unions Schemes- mostly provide primary care services
    · Semi- State Organisations Schemes- provide medical care to their employees
    · Private Health Insurance Schemes

      As from the 1st of August 2013, new regulations on the provision of health care in public hospitals came into force. These new regulations include new requirements for securing identities hospitalization, abolition of class beneficiaries 'B', diversification of income criteria, introduction of new charges for drugs and laboratory tests, as well as new fees payable for services rendered.

      The government is working extensively towards the implementation of a General Health Insurance System (GHIS) in the near future. The system will receive funding from the compulsory health insurance contributions and will also provide comprehensive medical care to the entire residence population at all levels of healthcare, with its basic characteristics being the efficiency in delivery, the high standards of services and the containment of cost.

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