Republic of Cyprus
N.C.P. on the application of Patients' Rights on Cross Border Healthcare

Prior Authorisation

    Cross-border healthcare which is received by a person insured in the Republic of Cyprus, and the claim of cost to be reimbursed, is given when a prior authorization is granted by the Chief Executive in the following cases:

      a) services which are included in the “Governmental Medical Institutions and Services Regulations of 2000-2013” and which are provided by Public Hospitals,

      b) services which are not provided by the Public Hospitals.

    The system for prior authorization is determined in the « Law for the Application of Patients’ Rights in Cross Border Healthcare”.

    Based on the said legislation, the patient, prior to his/her departure from the Republic of Cyprus for the purpose of receiving cross border healthcare in another member state, shall submit a request for prior authorization to the National Contact Point, using specific application form “Application Form for Prior Authorization”. The form shall be submitted duly completed through e-mail: or through facsimile on +357 22 605499/492 and send by regular mail or delivered by hand to the Ministry of Health, accompanied by a copy of the Medical Identity Card or relevant certificate issued by the responsible sector of the Ministry of Health, a copy of the medical report which includes the diagnosis / the disease, the history, the current state of health and the reasons for which in the opinion of the physician prescribe the receiving of cross-border healthcare for a provider in another Member State, and / or any other documentation deemed necessary by the Chief Executive and set out in the said application form.

    The NCP directly refers the application forms which meet the above conditions to the Committee of Experts for clinical evaluation of the patient and informs the applicant on the final decision of the Chief Executive in a period of time within 30 days from the date that the application form was submitted.

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