Republic of Cyprus
N.C.P. on the application of Patients' Rights on Cross Border Healthcare

Complaints and seeking remedies

    The patient, which is either a person insured in the Republic of Cyprus or a person insured in another member state, has the right, in case that he/she considers that his/her rights in receiving cross-border healthcare were not respected, to submit a complaint.

    The complaint is submitted to the National Contact Point (NCP) of the Ministry of Health by duly completing an application form entitled “Complaint Application Form”. The form is submitted to the NCP through e-mail: or through facsimile on +357 22605 499 / 492 and through regular mail or by hand to the Ministry of Health.

    The NCP manages accordingly the complaints and inform the applicant on the results of the relevant investigation within a reasonable time. It is clarified, that the NCP does not have the authority to investigate complaints related to matters of medical expertise or medical negligence or compensation claims or complaints related to the adoption of disciplinary actions or any other matter which is under the jurisdiction of the Disciplinary Council or the Registration Council of legally regulated professions or other relevant authority.

    The complainer has the ability to file a hierarchical recourse against the Competent Authority within 30 days or the ability to proceed with an appeal in the Court of Justice in a period of 75 days from the date that the decision of the competent authority was notified to him/her.

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