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Republic of Cyprus
Nursing Services
    Nursing Service Administration

    Who We Are
    The Nursing Service Administration of the Ministry of Health is the competent authority and reference point for the Nursing and Midwifery professions and personnel. The Administration is called upon to fulfill its role taking into account:
    • nursing and Midwifery Legislation 1988 to 2020, adapting to amendments as they occur,
    • international practice and up- to-date scientific knowledge in world literature and
    • existing health needs of the population with consideration to the Cyprus National Healthcare System.

    Our Key Role
    Our key role of the Nursing Service Administration of the Ministry of Health is to define and develop Nursing Policy at a national level, both in the public and private sector, where we actively engage in decision-making and strategic planning on all issues related to Nursing, Midwifery and public health in general.

    As part of the overall reform of the health system, the vision of the Nursing Service Administration continues its role and uphold its responsibilities for the optimal functioning of the health system with the ultimate aim of ensuring patient safety and the continuous quality improvement of nursing and midwifery care and health promotion for the population of Cyprus.

    Strategic Goals
    Our strategic goals are structured around:

    · Quality Management:
    Ensuring Continuous Improvement of Quality Nursing and Midwifery Care, Development of Clinical Guidelines, Audit and Development of Nursing and Midwifery Policy.

    · Human Resource Management:
    Ensuring Continuous Education of Nursing and Midwifery Personnel and Professional Development, Clinical Placement of Nursing Students in collaboration with Universities, Clinical Education and Student Guidance, Promotion of Nursing and Midwifery Research and Practice. Nursing Services Administration is the competent authority of Permanent and Temporary Personnel (General Nurses/Midwives, Mental Health Nurses, and Health Visitors). The Nursing Service Administration remains responsible for the permanent and temporary personnel which have been seconded to the State Health Services Organization concerning all administrative purposes according to the relative laws.

    · Development, Management and Participation of Services/Programs for Health Promotion and Prevention:
    Through the health visitors, general and mental health nurses and active participation in national strategy committees concerning health issues.

    Contact Details
    Nursing Service Administration
    Ministry of Health
    Postal Address: 1448 Nicosia
    Address: 1 Prodromou Street
    Telephone Number: + 357 22605403
    Fax Number: + 357 22605528


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