Pharmaceutical Services

The Pharmaceutical Pricing Sector is responsible for supporting the work of the Pharmaceutical Price Control Committee, whose functions are set out in Section VII of Chapter C of the Medicines for Human Use (Control of Quality, Supply and Pricing) Law of 2001 (70(I)/2001). In addition, the sector has undertaken the support of the Committee for In Vitro Fertilization medicines within the framework of the Infertility Management Plan.

The responsibilities of the sector also include:

· Assessment of applications for the determination, increase and decrease of the wholesale and retail price of prescription medicines in accordance with the criteria of the legislation and the relevant Ministerial Notices, the observance of timeframes based on the provisions of the existing legislation and also the provisions of the European Directive concerning transparency 89/105 EC.

· Preparation and presentation of the topics for the meetings of the Medicinal Product Price Control Committee.

· Preparation of the medicinal product price list and its publication in the Official Gazette of the Republic

· Preparation of a pricing checklist for non-prescription medicinal products

· Annual update of the medicinal product price list in accordance with the provisions of the Ministerial Notifications.

· Evaluation of the pricing policy (every 2 years) in accordance with the provisions of the Ministerial Notifications.

· Preparation, update and promotion of the list of medicinal products included in the co-payment scheme.

· Participation in the PPRI (Pharmaceutical Pricing and Reimbursement Information) of the World Health Organization (WHO) as well as in the meetings of partner countries for EURIPID (European Integrated Price Information Database)