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Areas of Public Health Promotion/ Prevention and Continuous Professional Development

01. Quality Management

01. Quality Management

The continuous assurance of quality in Nursing Practice is one of the main objectives of the policy implemented by the Nursing Service Administration. Quality in nursing and midwifery care is a primary obligation of nurses, a right of patients and a catalyst for advancing the scientific and clinical aspects of nursing and midwifery work.

The Nursing Services Administration places great importance on the systematic evaluation of the quality of nursing and midwifery care to make it increasingly effective, reliable, sensitive, holistic and an ongoing process. For this reason, the Administration promotes measures that contribute to the continuous provision of quality nursing and midwifery care, as outlined below:

· Introduction of work standards, collaboration protocols and the development of a control system for the implementation of relevant guidelines/work protocols.
· Implementation of the Government Health Services Policy, based on which every employee should have the opportunity and the provision with every possible facilitation for the continuous training throughout their career.
· Provision of education on staff guidelines, regulations and legislation related to nursing and midwifery practice.
· Ongoing review and improvement of relevant legislation regarding Nursing and Midwifery.
· Establishment of a control system for the faithful implementation of laws, regulations and other scientific criteria governing the Nursing and Midwifery professions.
· Evaluation of personnel using objective and qualitative criteria.
· Introduction of collaboration frameworks between staff in the clinical setting and the involved educational institutions for the implementation of all educational programs.
· Support of the practical training of nursing and midwifery students with continuous guidance and an updated program by Nursing Officers at all levels in various hospital departments and other services.
· Organizing of regular meetings by the Nursing Service Administration with all relevant stakeholders and organized bodies.

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