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02.Drug Harm Reduction and Drop –in Center “TARGET”

02.Drug Harm Reduction and Drop –in Center “TARGET”

The Nursing Service Administration coordinates “TARGET” Drug Harm Reduction and Drop–in Center, in cooperation with the Cyprus Anti-Drug Association in the context of Public Health and the broader strategy to support capacity building for volunteering and Non-Governmental Organisations a strategy of the Ministry of Health that resides under Good Governance Policy. Initiated in October 2013 its actions aim to fill a significant gap in the range of services offered for the treatment of Drug Addiction.

It is the only “direct access” (Drop-in) and harm reduction program in Cyprus and is approved by the National Drug Addiction Authority. It contributes to a multidimensional field in Drug Addiction ranging from measures to protect vulnerable populations with difficulties in accessing health services to measures of broader beneficial public health interventions to society as a whole. By "direct access" we mean a free access center or services that anyone can access for free, without any pre-arranged appointments and registration procedures. By "harm reduction" we mean a set of measures and interventions whose main purpose is to reduce the abuse of substances linked to personal and social harm. Telephone numbers 22605399, 22605403 and 22460077.

"TARGET" center is active with the following Public Health interventions:
· Day care services / interventions
· HIV/Hepatitis Rapid Testing
· Syringe exchange services /operation of vending machine.
· Indicative High Risk Area Interventions/ "Street Work"
· Mobile Harm Reduction Unit
· Harm reduction program for cannabis use
· Interventions to immigrant populations
· Hotline Services 1402

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