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Republic of Cyprus
Areas of Public Health Promotion/ Prevention and Continuous Professional Development

02. Human Resource Management

02. Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

Within the framework of international and European standards and action plans of the World Health Organization, the Nursing Service Administration monitors and develops actions and collaborations to address the challenges governing the nursing and midwifery human resources.

Regarding human resource management, the Administration handles all necessary procedures for personnel hired by the Ministry of Health, including those transferred to the State Health Services Organization SHSO). Procedures for nursing and midwifery personnel (General Nurses, Mental Health Nurses and Health Visitors) include among others human resource management processes (transfers, secondments, evaluations, dismissals, resignations), leave management and management of approval for practical nursing and midwifery training in state hospitals and structures.

The assurance of Continuous Education and Professional Development of nursing and midwifery personnel is achieved through the Education Division of the Nursing Services Administration. The Education Division is responsible for planning, developing and providing continuous education programs for Nursing and Midwifery Personnel based on the assessment of educational needs. For organizing programs, it also collaborates with higher educational institutions, nursing and midwifery associations, patient associations, as well as other state and private entities based on memorandum of cooperation. Additionally, the Education Division is responsible for coordinating the clinical training of undergraduate and postgraduate nursing and midwifery students in Cyprus, in collaboration with educational institutions and Clinical Training Coordinators in SHSO hospitals.

The Education Division has obtained ISO 9001:2015 quality system certification, which it follows for the design, organization and implementation of educational programs.

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