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03.Educational Sector

03.Educational Sector

The Educational Sector of the Nursing Services of the Ministry of Health, was established in January 2013, as part of the strategic plan of the Nursing Services, to provide / organise Continuous Professional Development (CPD) opportunities for nurses, midwives and health visitors in Cyprus. The sector is staffed with five nursing officers in General Nursing and one nursing officer in Psychiatric Nursing. All six members have significant experience in nursing education and hold a Master or a PhD degree.

Following the termination of the operation of the former Nursing School of the Ministry of Health of Cyprus and the transfer of nursing and midwifery education to university level, the absence of nursing and midwifery educational programs leading to specialisation in Cyprus was more than apparent, therefore the establishment of the Sector covered this need as well. Furthermore, a valid licence to practice nursing and midwifery in Cyprus is required by the law and this licence must be renewed every 4 years. To do this, nurses/midwives need to provide evidence of at least 32 hours or 20 International Credits of CPD.

Since its establishment, approximately 450-500 nurses and midwives from the public and the private sector have participated annually in multiple educational programs, organised by the Educational Sector. These programs may vary, in terms of duration and topic, according to the educational needs of nurses and midwives. Examples of educational programmes that have been organised by the Educational Sector, are: Emergency Prehospital Care (6 months), Acute and Chronic Trauma Management (6 months), Infection Control (75 hours), Intensive Nursing Care of Adults, Children, Infants (one year, specialization), Perioperative Nursing Care (one year, specialization), Diabetes Care (one year, specialization) (Mental Health (various duration), Care of Patients with Rheumatic Diseases (170 hours), Nursing Process (35 hours) etc. All programs are constantly evaluated. In addition, the Educational Sector has signed memoranda of cooperation with all four universities of Cyprus that offer nursing and midwifery programs, as well as the Department of Nursing of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Under these memoranda, a close collaboration exists with academics and other staff, on various fields of the nursing science.

The Sector is located at the Shiakolas Educational Centre for Clinical Medicine, where the offices of the members of the Sector are located, as well as the excellently equipped seminar rooms. In December 2019, the Educational Sector, to ensure the high quality of the educational programs developed, commenced the preparation of obtaining the EN ISO9001: 2015. It is expected that by July 2020, the Sector will be ready to be evaluated, to receive the above Standard.

Since January 2018, nurses and midwives from private hospitals, in addition to those working in public hospitals, can also participate in any educational program of the Sector. The decision to allow nurses employed in private hospitals to participate, has been taken as part of the Nursing Services strategic plan, to be one of the major policy makers and stakeholders in the nursing and midwifery domains and education in Cyprus, and also to offer them the opportunity to participate in CPD activities. Following the establishment of the State Health Services Organisation (SHSO) in 2019 and the Ministerial decision, the Educational Sector remains as the provider of educational programs for nurses, midwives and health visitors of SHSO and of Nursing Services.

In addition to the responsibility of the Sector to develop educational programs, it is also responsible for the organization and coordination of the clinical placement of the nursing and midwifery students, in all public hospitals of Cyprus and other government domains.

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