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    On June 1, 2011 the Department of Works and Development of Medical Supplies and Medical Equipment of Medical Services and Public Health, has been transformed to a new entity called “Purchasing and Supply Directorate”. During the short life of the new Directorate, along with the key projects that had to be carried out, the Directorate established a Mechanism for the Selection, determination and prioritization of Needs, by setting up prioritisation of Needs Committees at every hospital. At the same time the Directorate proceeded to the establishment of the Central Committee for Prioritisation and Approval of needs, at the Ministry level.


    In addition, the Directorate has precipitated the procedures for applying a uniform software procurement and inventory management system, which will assist to achieve effective stock control, timely planning, effective budget management and timely repayment of invoices.


    Moreover the Directorate purchased services, from foreign specialised doctors, in order to perform operations in the state hospitals, aiming to achieve minimization of costs and avoid patient discomfort during transport abroad, while giving at same time the opportunity for specialization and training to the Cypriots Doctors that are participating in these operations.


    Through our website, we intend to offer direct and reliable information to citizens, enhancing at the same time the transparency, aiming to meet society's need for information on issues related to the responsibilities of the Directorate.




    Mission of the Directorate is to purchase and supply the public hospitals with consumables, medical equipment and services, aiming to their smooth functioning, according to the law for the procedure of tender awarding. The reasons behind the creation of the new Directorate were:


    • The need for flexibility in decision making and timely launch of procedures, for securing medical supplies and equipment for the needs of the State Hospitals.

    • The need to strengthen the bargaining power of the Ministry and to secure lower prices by achieving economies of scale.

    • The need for efficient use of public money.

    • The need to enhance the control and avoid the risk of fraud.

    • The need for transition and transformation of the Directorate in a single procurement body, acting as an advisory and coordinating entity with the other Departments of the Ministry.


    Vision of the Directorate


    Vision of the directorate is to provide high quality healthcare to the citizens, managing effectively the financial resources while ensuring the public interest.


    Aim of the Directorate


    Aim of the Directorate is the smooth and efficient functioning of the Directorate, ensuring at the same time the Purchase of, top quality products, equipment and services for the hospitals, at the lower prices, on time and unobstructed.


    Theodosis A. Tsiolas

    Deputy Director of Health Services

    Head of Purchasing and Supply Directorate



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