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Food and Safety Counsil


    The National FSC has the following responsibilities and tasks:

    1. Acting as a co-ordinating body for the Multiannual Control Plans on food, implementation of food crisis plans and dealing with food safety issues.

    2. Carries out risk assessment and provides advice on risk management. The risk management is done by the Competent Authorities: Public Health Services (PHS) of the Ministry of Health (MoH), the Department of Agriculture (DA) & the Veterinary Services (VS) of the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources & Environment (MANRE), which are all members of FSC.

    3. Collects and evaluates data which are related to the presence of risks (chemical, microbiological, biological) in foodstuffs and collects food consumption data that arise from the applied controls, research projects and studies.

    4. The set-up of scientific committees/groups for dealing with specific issues on food safety.


Cyprus National Dietary Survey