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Drinking Water Safety


    Legal Framework

    The National legal framework for the Control of Drinking Water Intended for Human Consumption Law 2001-2018 are fully harmonized with the European Directive 98/83/EC and 2015/1787/EC.

    Competent Authority

    Health Services of the Department of Medical and Public Health Services, Ministry of Health and also Municipalities within their limits, in cooperation with the State General Laboratory, as the Official Laboratory, implement an annual national control program for drinking water supplied through public network for the whole island. Monitoring checks are carried out in distribution at the tap point at approximately 1400 sampling points.


    Parametric values for microbiological and chemical analysis are set out in Annexes I and II of the National Law.

    According to Article 9 of Annex II Table B1 of Law L.87 (I) / 2001, the monitoring frequency should be estimated according to daily water consumption volume per water supply zone, with approximately 300 zones nationwide.

    Applicable Procedure for a laboratory result that does not meet the parametric values of the relevant Legislation.

    The procedure that is applied when a laboratory result is incompatible with the existing Legislation does not automatically mean that water is unfit for human consumption and consumer´s health is endangered. The inappropriateness of a sample shall be assessed on the basis of the type of parameter and the degree deviation from the limits set out in the Legislation.

    Measures obtained by Ministry of Health for the protection of public health are the prevention of water borne infections, secures adequate standards for quality and fitness of water, and adequate consumer’s information. In particular, in case that a result of the analyses of a sample, exceeds the value prescribed in the legislation the Competent Authorities without delay shall: Take the appropriate actions to inform the public using about the potential risk to human health and inform the water supplier or suppliers of the water about his findings and propose the taking of measures for the protection of public health, including the interruption of the supply or the restriction of use of the water.

    Water suppliers are:

    · Water Development Department
    · Water Boards And
    · Local Authorities

    General Information for the Public
    · Drinking Water Monitoring Results
      · Annual Reports submitted to E.C

      · Complaints

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