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Sale of Genetically Modified Foods



    Genetically modified foods may be sold provided that they comply with the requirements of European Regulation 1829/2003. Only approved under the GM Regulation Food can be sold at grocery stores.

    'Genetically modified food' means food containing, consisting of or produced by a Genetically Modified Organism.


    At each store the genetically modified food for sale or the food for sale containing genetically modified ingredients are placed on specially arranged and separate shelves from the rest of the food.

    The shelves on which the genetically modified foods or foods containing genetically modified ingredients are placed are prominently displayed and marked with a sign clearly and clearly in Greek, English and Turkish with the phrase <Genetically modified foods / Foods containing Modified ingredients.

    Where the food is offered for sale to the final consumer without pre-packing, or in small pre-packs with a maximum surface area not exceeding 10 cm, they shall be excluded from their placement on such separate shelves.

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