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Specific requirements on honey origin


Directive 2001/110/EC on honey requires the mandatory indication of the country of origin in the labelling of honey. It also specifies that the country of origin is the country where the honey was harvested. However, in the case of mixtures of honey from two or more countries of harvest it allows, instead of the indication of each country of harvest by name, one of the following indications, where applicable:

— ‘blend of EU honeys’,
— ‘blend of non-EU honeys’,
— ‘blend of EU and non-EU honeys’;

However, this is not permitted for honeys bottled by businesses within Cyprus, in packages which are presented either in supermarkets or in restaurants and other food or catering retailers. This applies whatever the country of harvest. For these honeys, after the amendment of Cyprus's national honey law in 2015 (the Honey (Amendment) Regulations of 2015, Decree No. 394/2015), it is compulsory to indicate on their labelling the names of all countries of harvest. Example of such an indication: "Blend of Honey from: Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria", instead of "blend of EU honeys".

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