Republic of Cyprus
N.C.P. on the application of Patients' Rights on Cross Border Healthcare

Reimbursement of Cost

    The reimbursement of cost is applied to insured persons in the Republic of Cyprus who received treatment in another member state, up to the level of cost which would have been covered in case the healthcare service was provided in the Republic of Cyprus without exceeding the actual cost of cross- border healthcare, in the following cases:

      a) For services which are not subject to prior authorization and which are included in a Law Order issues by the Minister, based on a pricing which is also included in the same Law Order,

      b) for services υπηρεσίες which are subject to prior authorization and which are included in the “Governmental Medical Institutions and Services Regulations of 2000-2013” and which are provided by Public Hospitals, based on a pricing which is also included in the same Regulations,

      c) for services which are subject to prior authorization, are not provided by the Public Hospitals and are based on a cost estimation contacted by the National Contact Point.

    In case that the patients ask for an advance quotation on the maximum cost to be reimbursed, then a written confirmation is sent which includes an estimated maximum cost to be reimbursed.

    For the reimbursement of cost in the cases mentioned above, the insured person submits a relevant request to the National Contact Point through the designated application form “Application Form for Reimbursement of Cost”. The application form is submitted duly completed to the National Contact Point of the Ministry of Health through e-mail: or through facsimile on +357 22 605 499 / 492 and through regular mail or by hand to the Ministry of Health and is accompanied by a copy of the medical card, copy of prior authorization document (in case this is applicable), the original invoice and / or the original payment receipt, copy of the medical report from the medical centre or the responsible healthcare provider in case of prior authorization and / or any other documents which are deemed necessary by the Competent Authority and are listed in the aforementioned application form.

      The National Contact Point informs the applicant in writing format about the final decision on the reimbursement of cost, within a reasonable time from the day of submitting the relevant application form.

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