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Statement by the Minister of Health Dr George Pamboridis after the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between Cyprus and Israel

The Ministry of Health, within the framework of continuous upgrade of the provided services through the Cyprus Transplantation Centre proceeds with the implementation of the Paired-Exchange Scheme. The goal of the program is to help patients looking for kidney transplantation and have a living donor available but are not compatible with each other.

The excellent results of the Cyprus Transplant Centre have been recognized at international level, a fact that, in my belief, enabled the cooperation with Israel on a Paired-Exchange Scheme, with Israel being a country with a well-recognized experience in this. This cooperation collaboration creates a larger pool of potential donors / recipients and increases the chances for successful organ exchange between donor-recipient pairs that otherwise could not be transplanted.

The program is reliable and is being conducted in developed countries worldwide with great success in kidney transplantations. Israel has been running this since 2000, USA since 2001, the Netherlands since 2004 and Great Britain since 2007.

On this occasion, I hope that as many as possible of our fellow human beings in the final stage of renal insufficiency can benefit from kidney transplantation, and have the opportunity to live a quality life and fully reintegrate into society. The Ministry of Health supports practically the optimal medical practices such as Solid Organ Transplantation.

I would like to thank the Government of the State of Israel, a really friendly neighboring country, as well as my good friend, Minister of Health Litzman, for the practical expression of trust, friendship and support that characterizes the relationship between the two Ministries. I look forward to continuing the existing close cooperation in this field, as well as in other fields. Finally, I thank and congratulate those who actively were involved and worked closely for the realization of the whole effort.

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