Public Health Service


Environmental Health
The Public Health Services of the Department Medical and Public Health Services Department of the Ministry o Health have as their objective the adoption of preventive measures in a wide spectrum of the Environmental Health sector. For the accomplishment of this objective various programs are implemented in cooperation with local authorities or other Departments.

    Control of Foodstuff and Food Premises
      The Public Health Services is the competent Authority for the implementation and control of the new EC Harmonized legislation for foodstuff and in cooperation with all interested parties have developed a uniformed and integrated policy for the food safety in Cyprus.

      This policy is based on new requirements posed by the accession of Cyprus in the European Union, the continuous Food Industry Development that is related to the use of new technologies in the manufacture processing and preservation of foodstuff and the adoption of new control techniques by the competent authorities. The policy is developed having in mind the following principles:
      · The production of the health of the public from the consumption of foodstuff that are produced in Cyprus or imported is considered of the highest importance.
      · The better possible information of the consumers in relation of the foodstuff they consume and on possible dangers that may exist in foodstuff that may be present in the Cypriot market.
      · The best satisfaction of the expectation of the consumers regarding the quality of food
      · The better possible official control by the competent authority of the whole manufacturing procedure in relation with other function of the food industry.

      Prevention and investigation of infectious disease cases including food poisonings.
      Epidemiological investigations are performed in order to locate the source of the infectious diseases and the prevention of new incidences. For the prevention it is systematically implemented a Health Education program for the public and other interested groups (education of food handlers etc).

    Other issues of the Environmental Health Sector where the Public Health Services are involved.
      The Environmental Health Sector covers a very wide spectrum of activities where the Public Health Services in cooperation with other involved services have jurisdiction for the control and action:

      · Monitoring and Control of the quality of the drinking intended water for human consumption.
      · Control of insects of medical importance. Special care is given for the ant malarial work.
      · Audit and control of both public and private premises with special attention to hotels, restaurants etc.
      · Public Health education in relation of the relative topics.
      · Audit and control of stockbreeding premises with special attention given to the prevention of creation of unhygienic conditions.
      · Audit and control of public swimming pools and of the quality of their bathing waters.
      · Audit and control of the quality of the coastal bathing waters.
      · Audit and control of the quality of the manufacturing and sale of detergents according to the new harmonized legislation.
      · Investigation of Environmental Hygiene related complaints.
      · Audit and control the quality of the smoking products and the implementation of the smoking related legislation.

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