Patients’ Rights

    A) At Nicosia General Hospital, there is a Patients’ Rights Officer whom the patients and visitors can contact to solve any problems they face during their service.

    The Officer’s office is situated at Level 1, on the left of the main entrance and towards the outpatient clinics.

    Patients’ Rights Officer: Mrs Androulla Ioannou, Secretarial Officer
    Telephone: 22603545

    B) Serious problems, which cannot be directly solved by the Patients’ Rights Officer, are referred for examination to the Patients’ Complaint Review Committee (E.E.P.A.).

    The mission of the Complaint Review Committee (E.E.P.) is the effective monitoring and ensuring of the rights of any person addressed in any health care provider or medical institution, including the private sector.

    There is a five-member committee of four-year term, in each district and it is housed at the local state medical institutions. The Committees are responsible for investigating first and second degree complaints related to the private sector, as well as second degree complaints regarding the state hospital, either sent to them by the Patients’ Rights Officer or complaints concerning patients who are not satisfied by the Officer’s decision. The decisions of the Committee are communicated in writing to the patient and to the affected health provider.

    The intervention of the recommended Committees is estimated to become especially essential. The role of the Body is the examination of complaints regarding the provision of services to the patients as well as the widening and concentration of relevant data, to record pathogen causes, to formulate problems and recommend suitable and mainly sustainable solutions for their facing. Consequently, the basic goal of the Body is to become participant and coefficient of change in the attempt made for restructuring the health system and upgrading the quality of the services offered to the citizen.

    The Committee consists of the below mentioned:
    Mrs Yiannoulla Kyriakidou, President
    Mr Kyriakos Hanides, Member
    Mrs Louiza Mavrommati, Member
    Mrs Klelia Sourmeli Skotinou, Member
    Mr Marios Markoullis, Member

    Committee’s Secretary: Mrs Elpida Neofytou, Assistant Secretarial Officer

    Rights and Obligations of Patients

    · Protection of his/her personal data and respect to his personality and dignity.
    · Respect for his personal choices, independently of race, religion and gender.
    · Full information about his/her diagnosis and treatment and participation in decision-making about issues regarding him/her.
    · Information about the identity of the health officers offering him/her services.
    · Information about any cancellations of appointment or treatment.
    · Right to refuse any treatment after information that is comprehensible to him/her.
    · Access to his/her medical file.
    · Accompaniment by a relative or friend during his/her visit to the hospital.
    · Prerequisite for provision of health care is the consent of the patient.
    · Dignified treatment during the provision of health care.

    · Presentation of Medical Card during registration.
    · Timely settling of financial obligations.
    · Notification of all the information regarding his/her medical history, the medical treatment and generally anything regarding his/her health.
    · Confirmation that he/she understands all the information given to him/her and regards his/her health.
    · Application of the instructions given by the officers of the hospital.
    · Taking responsibility in case of negating a treatment after the fully completed and comprehensible information given.
    · Informing the doctor or nurse for problems or change in his/her health condition.
    · Cooperation or understanding when there is necessity to change room and/or department.
    · Showing respect and being kind to the hospital’s staff and to the other patients.
    · Showing respect to the areas, equipment and furniture of the hospital.
    · Keeping the Smoking Regulations of the hospital.
    • Keeping the regulations of the hospital about the visiting hours.

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