Borrowing a wheelchair

Policy for lending wheelchairs to patients who visit the outpatient clinics and other services:
The escorts of the patients that need a wheelchair for moving in the hospital, can get a wheelchair from the following points:

Level 0
Station for information, medical stamps sale and change of health booklets (opposite the central registrations station)
Officer: Mrs Pantelitsa Dalitou

Level 1
Outpatient clinics for Fracture Clinic
Officer: Mr Stelios Kokkolis (or his substitute in case he is absent)

For borrowing a wheelchair the identity card of the patient or their escort’s must be given to the officer and this will be kept and returned after returning the wheelchair.

In case there is a delay in returning the wheelchair, namely after 14:00, please contact the Information at the Central Entrance (level 1) where you shall return the wheelchair and take your identity card.

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