Quality Assurance System

The Quality Assurance System is supported by the Quality Assurance Unit.

Aim of the Quality Assurance Unit and the Internal Inspections is to ensure the quality to the provided health services through the policy and a series of activities.

The Unit is staffed by an Officer and is supported by an Interdisciplinary Team with Health Professionals from a wide range of professionals (Doctors, Nurses, Medical Physicists, Clinical Laboratory Employees).

The Administration of Nicosia General Hospital recognizes the invaluable value and crucial significance of the provided services in the interested parties and especially in the patients and it is committed for the continuous attempt, in order to respond with responsibility, safety and effectiveness to their demands and expectancies.

Within this framework Quality Assurance System has been studied and implemented and this is adjusted to the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 15224:2016 with the top aim being the certification under these standards for the whole Hospital and accreditation of those Clinical Laboratories that have not been accredited with ISO 15189:2012. Also, the certification of catering services with ISO 22000:2015.

For the support of the operation of the System, the Hospital’s Administration is committed to continuously support and strengthen the scientific development, maintaining the excellent infrastructure and high level of human resource, by providing all the means for the continuous improvement.

Quality Aims
  • Timely carrying out of cases with trustworthy and measurable indexes.
  • Excellent communication with cooperating agents.
  • Complete management of risks and safety.
  • Scientifically documented and updated clinical practice.
  • Technical integrity of logistical equipment and facilities.
  • Satisfaction of expectancies of users by the hospital’s services (comments, suggestions and reference of problems through forms in special boxes at many places of the Hospital and through email).

Cooperation with:
  • Training Officers
  • Infection Control Officers
  • Patients’ Rights Officer
  • Health and Safety Officer

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