Pharmaceutical Services

Pharmacy and Poisons Law (Cap. 254)


Any person who is a citizen of the European Union (or his spouse or child) is eligible to register in the Register of Pharmacists in Cyprus.

Recognition of Qualifications and Professional Titles

In accordance with Article 9, any person is eligible to register as a pharmacist who:

· holds a diploma, certificate or other university degree or equivalent title as thosee ones listedreferred to in Annex I or are covered by /included in the provisions of Article 9A
· holds a diploma, certificate or other title not referred to in Annex I, but complies with the requirements of Annex II, is recognised by the Cyprus Council of Recognition of Higher Education Qualifications (KY.S.A.T.S.) and is approved by the Pharmacy Board

The Pharmacy Board may request from the person who submits an application for registration and does not possess a diploma, certificate or other university degree or equivalent title referred in Annex I or in Article 9A to:
· pass the pharmacist registration examination, in accordance with the provisions of the relevant regulations,
· present evidence to the satisfaction of the Pharmacy Board that he/she has acquired such professional practice in pharmacy that the Pharmacy Board would deem sufficient. The professional practice may have been acquired either in the Republic, in a Member State or in a Third Country, for a period of at least one year.

Training cycle

Annex II of the above law states the knowledge that a pharmacist must possess as well as the minimum theoretical and practical training that he must cover during his studies.

Application Procedure

The application form for pharmacist registration in Cyprus must be submitted to the Pharmacy Board via the Registrar of the Pharmacy Board to the below address:

By Mail:
Pharmaceutical Services
1475 Nicosia

By Courier:
Pharmaceutical Services
Propylaion 6
2033 Nicosia

In accordance with Articles 4(3)(b) and 9B of the Pharmacy and Poisons Law (Cap. 254), if a person wishes to direct operate a pharmacy business or conduct/carry out any other activity related to the supply of medicinal products to the public in Cyprus, the Pharmacy Board may be asked by the Pharmacy Board May to obtainrequest additional practical training in Cyprus. The duration of the additional traineeship practical training in Cyprus will be determined by the Pharmacy Board for each individual case/on a case by case basis.

This requirement may apply to:

· Holders of one of the diplomas, certificates or other university or equivalent titles referred to in Annex I or, covered by the provisions of Article 9A, or to,
· Holders of a certificate, diploma or other title that is not mentioned in Annex I, but is in accordance with the requirements of Annex II, is recognized by K.Y.S.A.T.S. and is approved by the Pharmacy Board and have passed the examinations for the registration of a pharmacist.