Pharmaceutical Services

Pharmacy Board

Pharmacy and Poisons Law (Cap. 254)


The Pharmaceutical Council consists of:

· Three registered pharmacists from the Public Sector, who are appointed by the Council of Ministers

· Four registered pharmacists nominated by the PanCyprian Pharmaceutical Association and appointed by the Council of Ministers

Members shall serve for a period of two years from the date of their appointment.

Registrar Pharmacy Board

· Offers administrative support

· Implements Board decisions

· Appointed by the Council of Ministers

Responsibilities of the Pharmacy Board:

The Pharmacy Board has the responsibility to advise the Minister on any matter which falls within the provisions of the Pharmacy and Poisons Law (Cap. 254) as amended.

Executive duties related to:

· Registration of new pharmacies, approval of relocation / expansion / change of ownership of pharmacies

· Registration of pharmacists / Approval of diplomas

· Register of pharmacists and removals from the register

· Temporary arrangements due to the death of a pharmacist

· Pharmacist registration exams

· Pharmacist preregistration training

· Adequate knowledge of the Greek language of pharmacists who have contact with the public

· Recommendation to the Minister of Health regarding the Second Table

· Use of academic degrees

· Exchange of information with Member States

· Provision of pharmacist services by nationals of other Member States

· Online pharmacies

· Pharmacy late-night rota/pharmacy summer holidays (authorisation by the Council of Ministers)