Pharmaceutical Services

Pharmacy and Poisons Law (Cap. 254)

The Pharmacy Board may request from any person who submits an application for registration and does not possess a diploma, certificate or other university or equivalent title referred in Annex I, or in Article 9A, to present evidence to the Pharmacy Board that he/she has acquired such professional practice in pharmacy that the Pharmacy Board would deem sufficient. The professional practice may have been acquired either in the Republic or in a Member State or in a Third Country, for a period of at least one year. The Pharmacy Board may decide to regulate the procedure and the requirements relating to professional practice in pharmacy.

The pre-registration training must include six-month in a pharmacy which is open to the public or in a hospital under the supervision of that hospital's pharmaceutical department. The remainder of the pre-registration training can be carried out at any site, under the supervision of a Pharmacist, where the following activities are performed:

- preparation of the pharmaceutical form of medicinal products;

- manufacture and testing of medicinal products;

- testing of medicinal products in a laboratory for the testing of medicinal products;

- storage and distribution of medicinal products at a pharmaceutical wholesaler;

The pre-registration training can only be commenced once the first 4 years of the university studies have been successfully completed.

During the 5th year of study, only courses related to the legislation, weekly educational lectures, seminars outside the working hours of pharmacies or other sites approved for training are allowed.

The pre-registration training is only recognised upon the receipt of a written application to the Pharmacy Board before the commencement of the training.

The progress of the student is guided and verified by a tutor who meets the following criteria:
· has been registered as a pharmacist in Cyprus for at least three years
· has no relationship with the trainee (family relation, marriage, financial interests,…)
· is included in the list approved by the Competent Authority
· is training only one student at a time

In accordance with the decisions of the Pharmacy Board with regards to pre-registration training, each pharmacy can only train one trainee at a time.

The minimum duration of the pre-registration training at the same pharmacy should be at least 3 consecutive months, when possible. Training for a period of less than one month will not be taken into account. Exceptions may be made during the annual leave of the tutors.

The pre-registration training, or part of it, is permitted overseas, in any Member State, provided that it takes place at a site approved by the Competent Authority of that Member State, and provided that the declaration for pre-registration training is signed by the relevant Competent Authority.

The evaluation of the trainees will be carried out by the person in charge of the relevant university. This is achieved by maintaining a log book which describes the basic activities, exercises and obligations of the trainee in the pharmacy, attendance at the pharmacy, attending lectures and examination at the end of each semester.

Application Procedure

The original applications for the commencement and the completion of the pre-registration training must be submitted to the Registrar of the Pharmacy Board.

A copy of the applications must also be sent by fax or email.