Pharmaceutical Services

    The co-payment plan was implemented for the first time in 2007 after decision no. 65.053 of the Council of Ministers, as one of the measures to stop the increase in spending on medicinal products. The plan only concerned beneficiaries of medical care in State Hospitals, and permitted the supply of medicines from private pharmacies by paying a supplementary charge when the medicines were not available from the Hospital or Health Center pharmacies.

    The plan initially included a list of specific categories of medicines approved by the Medicines Committee, each of which corresponded to medicines in the private sector which belonged to the same treatment category as the state's formulary.

    From 1st June 2019, the start date of the first phase of GeSY, following a relevant decision of the Minister of Health dated 11 April 2019 and following the recommendation of the Medicines Committee, the co-payment plan applies to medicinal products used for IVF treatments. In this category of medicines a fixed subsidy is provided

- 09/05/2024 Co-payment Scheme Medicines List