Pharmaceutical Services

    The purpose of the Sector is to ensure efficiency, quality and safety in the service of the public by setting standards in accordance with the law.

    The Inspection Department is responsible for the following:

    · Pharmacies
      o inspections of private pharmacies / hospital pharmacies
      o opening of new pharmacies / relocation, expansion, change of ownership of existing pharmacies
      o suspension of operation of pharmacies
      o Maintenance of the register of all the pharmacies in Cyprus
      o online pharmacies
      o Preparation and publication of the late night rota and summer holidays for private pharmacies
      o investigating of complaints regarding pharmacies
      o cooperation with the police / expert-opinions / testimonies in court

      · Control of Narcotics, Psychotropic Substances and Drug Precursors:
        o Issuance of permits for import / export of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors
        o preparation of reports to the United Nations relating to trade
        o issuance of permits to pharmacies and clinics permitting the purchase of narcotics and inspection of their sales and stocks
        o issuance of permits for visitors to Cyprus for the possession of medicinal products containing controlled substances for personal treatment
        o inspections after complaints, investigation of cases and cooperation with the police and YKAN
        o participation in the destruction of illegal substances seized as evidence
        o participation in the process of destroying expired drugs
        o management and coordination of requests, approvals and supply of medical cannabis

        The sector cooperates with the Pharmacy Board on issues concerning pharmacists.