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Since March 2010, the Ministry of Health, has an Information Technology Unit, which is staffed by IT officers, serving in the Administration and all the Departments, Services and Hospitals of the Ministry.This arrangement was made during the pilot decentralization of information technology services to three ministries (Health, Home and Work). The goal of decentralization of IT services is to offer the best and most efficient service to users.

The mission of the Information Technology Unit of the Ministry of Health is to modernize and promote the functioning of health services by using information and communication technologies, by setting the strategy for e-Health and telemedicine and by providing consulting services on these issues to both the Minister and the Permanent Secretary. Particularly, Information Technology Unit , plans, develops, manages and maintains technology applications for the improvement of the services provided to patients, increase productivity and efficiency, reduce the operating costs of health services and finally saves time and money.


    More specifically the Unit aims to:

    1. Provide technical support of the software, hardware, and network communications provided to Services, Schools, Hospitals and Health Centers of the Ministry of Health.

    2. Develop new systems and projects for the advancement of productivity and efficiency.

    3. Prepare the user requirements/specifications in order to promote rational utilization of human resources.

    4. Provide operational support systems for the continuous upgrading of the quality of service offered by the Ministry.

    5. Prepare tender documents relating to computer systems.

    6. Prepare progress reports on projects.

    7. Help and train Users.

    8. Provide Users Support Center.

    Information Technology Unit
    Ministry of Health

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