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The European Coordination Sector (ECS) of the Ministry of Health was established in 2010, on implementation of the decision of the Ministerial Council, for the horizontal monitoring, organization and coordination of the administration of European affairs. It aims at the effective coordination of issues related to health not only between the departments of the Ministry of Health, but also with other related Ministries.

ECS’s mission is to contribute towards a successful and creative participation of the Ministry of Health in the European scene, on its own competency matters.

Main objectives:

  • The effective representation and participation of the Ministry of Health in the Council of the European Union through continuous and active participation in the Council Working Parties, the Committee of the Permanent Representatives (COREPER) and the Council of Ministers of Health of the Member States (EPSCO (Health) Council).
  • The participation in Committees of the European Commission in close collaboration with the Permanent Representation of the Republic of Cyprus in the EU.
  • The participation in Conferences / Congresses / Fora organized by the rotated Presidency of the Council of the European Union.
  • The coordination and monitoring of the harmonizing process.
  • The effective participation of the Ministry of Health in projects, co-funded by various EU financial mechanisms, for the respective absorption of funds.
  • The general coordination of the Ministry of Health in relation to the actions of the European Strategy for Health and other strategies related to Health.
  • The facilitation and promotion of efficient coordination among the Departments / Services of the Ministry of Health on European issues under the Competency of the Ministry of Health (Public Health, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices, Foodstuffs).


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