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    Ελληνική Σελίδα - Εκπαίδευση Ειδικευομένων Ιατρών

    Based on the Bilateral Agreement between Cyprus and Greece in the field of Public Health, Cypriot, Greek and EU citizens can be trained as resident doctors (full specialty or part of the specialty) in hospitals in Cyprus, accredited by the Ministry of Health in Greece.

    According to the respective Regulations and Announcements for resident doctors training in Cyprus, the selection of candidates for the residency positions takes place annually, with an announcement for the available positions for the year to follow, after written and oral examination. Two different written examinations take place, one for the non-surgical specialties and one for the surgical specialties. An oral examination follows, for the candidates that succeed in the written examination. The examination (written and oral) and the training language is in Greek. Prerequisites for the application are (a) Registration with the Cyprus Medical Council and (b) a certified copy of the medical degree by the Greek Authorities (Hellenic NARIC where required).

    For further enquiries, you can contact the Ministry of Health in Cyprus, phone number 00357 22 605418/388 and email addresses and

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